Regular attendance to school is vital to all children if they are to achieve their potential. Our duty as a school is to ensure that all children who attend school regularly receive the best education possible, it is the duty of all parents and carers that their children attend school every day.

It has therefore been very disappointing that a significant number of parents have been taking extended holidays/Leave of absence to go abroad in school time. Each day lost means they are less likely to achieve their potential. They will miss important assessments and it hinders their progress significantly. One child has already lost his school place.

No holiday will be authorised by school and will result in the local authority issuing a fine of up to £120 per parent per child. Any further unauthorised absence will result in a direct prosecution by the local authority. Any leave to go abroad due to family illness will not be authorised, unless it can be proved to be an emergency. Each case will be determined on an individual basis.

Please remember that every day lost means that your child loses opportunities to learn and make progress. If your child achieves 100% attendance next term they will receive ‘100% Attendance’ certificate and go into the draw for a prize. We also give weekly prizes for 100% for the week.

Please make every day count