Longsight children turn creative consultants!

Recently, a group of children on the school council attended a very important focus group, where they were asked to share their ideas on how we could re brand the Big Life group value stamps to make them more child friendly.

The current value stamps look like this:


The children were asked to think about what it means to be courageous, creative, honest, inspiring, thoughtful and to value difference. We talked about different ways you might show each value. One child found Usain Bolt to be inspiring because of his amazing athletic achievements, another suggested that owning up to a mistake you made showed honesty.

The children were asked to draw their ideas and thoughts around each value, and came up with some really creative ideas! They worked well as a team, sharing ideas and taking it in turns to speak.



longsight values drawingslongsight values drawings 1





Once we have narrowed the ideas down and created the new stamps, they will be used throughout the school, as well as the Big Life Nurseries and Children’s Centres across Manchester!