Year 3 Empty The Classroom!

Year 3 had a great day of discovery and experimentation, which stemmed around their science topic of light. Following on from exploration of the life of Ibn al-Haytham, who discovered how we see, Year 3 carried out their own investigations being light scavengers.

Literacy Music Science PE
Performance Composition Light Ball games

Building on our role play work with Seal Surfer, children form small groups to act out a scene from the story, which we have read as a class.


Singing, percussion and musical games, extending our environmental anthems to songs encouraging a Growth Mindset and to reference themes in Year 3 Maths.

We focused on different aspects of light- making kaleidoscopes, colour wheels, using mirrors to chase light off the sun and  sketching, note taking and recording our scientific investigations. Taking part in a variety of multi-sports to develop ball skills and teamwork. The sports covered included a circuit of: Basketball, Dodge ball, Mixed team football and Ping-pong.