About Us

Longsight Community Primary is a community school which is truly inclusive and aims to meet the needs of all our children; care, respect and tolerance are the core values of our school.


About Our School

Longsight Community Primary opened in September 2013. The school is connected to the Longsight Children’s Centre on Farrer Road. Our school building is a wonderfully warm and inviting building that is full of light and space for children to think and be creative. This close link with the Centre and Nursery means that our parents are assured of high quality provision, from birth right through to age 11.

The Children’s Centre has provided services for the Longsight community for more than 10 years and, together with Longsight Community Primary, will provide services that support, care for and educate children from birth through to moving onto high school at 11 years old. This means you’ll see the same familiar faces from the first time you visit Longsight Children’s Centre to your child starting school and beyond.

We have over 210 pupils aged 4-11, coming from 21 different countries and speaking 16 different languages. Our pupils are happy children who love school.

Our school day starts at 8:30am and finishes at 2:45pm. Our Reception parents are encouraged to take part in our daily Stay and Play.

Parents and Children at the Heart of Longsight Community Primary

Our vision is to be a community school which is truly inclusive and meet the needs of all the children; care, respect and tolerance are core values of our school.

Embracing Language and Communication

Longsight Community Primary celebrates and values all languages, and recognise that communication and language is the foundation of children’s attainment.

We have a strong focus on language and communication, working with families to ensure children are confident communicators from an early age.