Our Vision

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Outstanding and Inclusive Education

We will provide an outstanding education, which is respectful of the diverse ethnicity, religion, families, educational needs and abilities of all our children.

Promoting Wellbeing

Our vision is that children are happy and engaged in their school. We will ensure that they know how to be healthy and are able to make good choices for themselves. We will support them to develop their own thoughts and express their feelings in a safe environment.

Aspirational and Inspirational Support from Birth

We will work with parents and partners agencies to educate, develop and care for children from birth into high school. Our children will be inspired to achieve their full potential

Embracing Language and Communication

Longsight Community Primary will have a strong focus on language and communication and working with families to ensure children are confident communicators from an early age. We will celebrate and value all languages and recognise that communication and language is the foundation of children’s attainment.

Connecting to the Wider World

The children and families at our school have settled in Longsight from all over the world. We will harness their experiences to ensure our school curriculum is outward looking.

Valuing and Engaging Parents and Children

Longsight Community Primary began as a vision of local parents and we will always have parents and children involved in all aspects of the school community. Their views will be listened to and valued.

Value for Money

Longsight Community Primary School is part of the Big Life Schools Multi-Academy Trust. This means that we are able to achieve great value for money by accessing back office support and guidance from The Big Life group. We are a non-profit organisation, and any money we save as a result of being part of a multi-academy trust is reinvested into our children and our communities, through offering fit-for-purpose buildings, extended support at early years, and out-of-hours activities.