Hello, and welcome to Reception Class!

The Reception team are very excited to back at school. I would like to introduce myself as the class teacher alongside our wonderful teaching assistants Mrs Akhtar and Mrs Hartshorn, who will be in class every day to support learning.

We are looking forward to getting to know all of the children and can’t wait to get to know our new families. We will be having a very busy half term and filled with lots of exciting learning.

Many thanks,

Mrs Dunne

Miss Lechareas

Teacher Reception

Miss Romaiou

Teaching Assistant

Drop Off and Pick Up

In the morning doors will be open from 8.30am and the children can make their way to their classroom as soon as they arrive.

Please say goodbye to the children away from the door and allow them to make their own way indoors. Staff will be on hand outside Reception for any quick questions. If you need to speak to a member of the Reception team about anything important please ring the office to book an appointment or arrange a meeting when dropping your child off in the morning for after school.

The finish time for all children is 2.45pm. At home time please wait for your child to be sent to you. We will encourage children to wait on the carpet until their name is called. If you are waiting to collect children, please do so in a socially distanced way away from the school doors. Staff will be on hand to support with this.


Over the next few weeks in Reception, we will be completing a variety of assessments by spending quality time with the children within their play. This will enable us check what the children know and spot specific areas to work on with the children. We plan to build our Early Years curriculum around what they know and love, and will base much of our focuses on the children’s interests throughout the year.

We are expecting the majority of the first half term to be about settling in, making friends and using the classroom effectively for learning. As we move on in the term, we will be making a start on teaching early reading and writing through phonics, and teaching basic maths skills.

Parents will be also be invited to download an App called ‘Tapestry’ where they will be able to see their child’s online learning journey which is unique to them. This will give all parents a clear indication of the learning taking place in school and every milestone their child makes. More information about this will follow in the coming weeks.

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