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Our Oracy vision for children at LCP, is that all children have a voice and have the speaking and listening skills they need to equip them for life.

Oracy is a key facilitator for all our teaching and learning. We are proud to be a Voice 21 school, meaning that we prioritise children having a voice and commit to teaching the skills needed to communicate effectively. We provide children with a comprehensive range of tasks to allow them to build their skills as speakers and listeners. These skills are built on the Voice 21 framework and allow children to build their skills in four key areas: Physical, Linguistic, Cognitive, and Social and Emotional.

Oracy is at the heart of LCP and individuals, and it aligns with our core values.

Courage- Our oracy mantra is that our children are Loud, Clear and Proud.

Valuing difference– Oracy allows each child to be celebrated for who they are.

Creative- Oracy provides our children with the opportunity to express themselves.

Honest- Oracy allows children to have a voice and share their true feelings and thoughts.

Inspiring- Oracy enables our children to shine and be a role model for others through their words and actions.

Thoughtful- Oracy gives our children the skills to express themselves and be considered with what they say.