Our children are the Rights Holders and they will:-

  • Know their rights (Article 1)
  • Have access to the best quality education (Article 28)
  • Have their views heard and respected. (Article 12)
  • Have access to the best quality health care and health education (Article 24)
  • Be protected from all forms of harm (Article 19)

The Governing Body role as Duty Bearers

When adults are making decisions that affect children, we believe that children have the right to say what they think should happen and have their opinions taken into account.

As a governing body we want to improve how the pupil’s voice is heard by us and how this is captured.

We want to ensure that our children’s rights are protected, and this sometimes means that equity is more important than equality. Some children will need more help to give them an equal chance.

We want to ensure that school policies are in the best interest of our children and that their rights are taken into account.

We will regularly monitor the school’s response to safeguarding to ensure that all our children are protected from harm. We will support our early help and family support offer.

We will monitor and support how the school is delivering teaching and learning and ensure that the school has the required resources to support the learning of all children.

Key documents