Priscilla Nkwenti


Governor at Longsight Community Primary

Summary of experience

Priscilla Nkwenti is the Chief Executive Officer of BHA for Equality – a leading third sector organisation committed to equality, diversity and human rights.

BHA’s mission is to tackle inequalities in health and social care and promote equality for African, Caribbean, South Asian and other disadvantaged/ marginalised population groups (including Eastern Europeans) across Greater Manchester,  Yorkshire and Humber.

BHA was established in 1990 primarily to address HIV/AIDS in black communities. Over the years  its remit has expanded to include other health conditions such as:  Sickle Cell and Thalassemia, Hep C, Cancers, latent TB and Mental health.

Priscilla was one of the founder members of BHA in 1990 and started off as a volunteer. Over the years she has held various paid positions including Public Education Officer, Training Lead, Researcher, and Co-ordinator of programmes.

Since taking on the role of Chief Executive in 2006, she has led BHA’s development, not only by expanding its service portfolio but also by extending its geographical reach and impact.

Priscilla was vice-chair of the Sex Education Forum for a number of years and edited a number of publications on sex and relationship education for young people.

She was a Lay member of a Primary Care Trust which morphed into a  Clinical Commissioning Group and was the lead on patient and public involvement.

Priscilla works closely with public sector bodies at national, regional and local level and continuously lobbies them to change the inequitable and inaccessible ways in which services are sometimes commissioned and delivered.

Priscilla has been a visiting lecturer at a number of Universities and has presented at various conferences and events in Cameroon, France, Germany, Italy and the United States of America.

She holds a PhD in Epidemiology and Health Sciences from Manchester University.