Our Family Hub

We  deliver an integrated service with Longsight Children’s Centre and Big Life Nurseries. Longsight Community Primary, the Children’s Centre and the nursery are part of The Big Life group of social businesses and charities. The Children’s Centre opened in 2004 in response to a shortage of local services for children under the age of five. Since then it has become a real focal point for local families, supporting them from pregnancy until their children reach the age of five.

Longsight Community Primary works together with the Children’s Centre and the Nurseries as a Family Hub to provide seamless provision and support for all our local families. Our shared building ensures that families have a single point of contact and that services can be provided efficiently.

Dear parent and carers,

On Thursday, 6 June our wonderful friend and treasured colleague Mrs Sadia Ahmed passed away.

Sadia was the life and soul of our school and she leaves behind a huge hole in the heart of Longsight Community Primary. Sadia was an amazing teacher and her children are a testament to her determination that all our children achieved their potential.

She was a wonderfully kind, open-hearted friend whose sense of humour still make us smile now even while we are all grieving. I know she welcomed all parents with open arms and that you will all miss her as much as we will. Please talk to your children about Mrs Ahmed as I know they may have questions. A book of condolence will be open this week for you to share your messages and memories.

We are heart-broken for the life not yet lived, but grateful for the life she did live. Rest in peace our beloved friend.

Mrs Rukhsana Ahmed and all the staff and friends of Longsight Community Primary.