EYFS Curriculum

Reception Newsletter

The sun is shining and the sky is blue and we all feel happy, happy to come to school… Welcome back! Hope everybody managed to get some rest during the Easter break.

We have already heard how much fun everyone has had during the well-earned holiday break from school and we are sure spending time with our families has re-generated our spirits and made us ready for the exciting challenges ahead in our Summer Term. We are very excited for our school trip to Smithells Farm on Tuesday 7th May.

In the Summer Term, the structure of the day and the timetable will reflect the children becoming more independent and working towards building upon skills which will assist them to make the transition into Year 1 more smoothly, in Literacy, Mathematics, Understanding of the World and Creative – The Specific Learning Areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum than the Prime Areas of the Foundation Stage Curriculum.

Our topics this term

Subject Half Term 1 Half Term 2
Literacy Using Non- Fiction Books, the children shall apply their phonic knowledge to write simple sentences. Be able to read back what they have written and show an understanding of what they have read. Continue to read words and simple sentences and express their thoughts and views on what they have read. Extend their writing through labels and captions.
Numeracy Doubling and halving and sharing.

Addition and Subtraction calculations to 20.

Problem solving.

Problem Solving



Problem solving


Knowledge of the World Looking at different environments.

The World

Care for the local environment and local habitat animals.
Expressive Arts and Design Dance

Cultural Music and Arts


Colour mixing

Working in the style of a famous Artist

PSED Caring for the less fortunate.

Fair trading and Conservation.


Recycling and caring for the environment.

Moving on – growing up


Physical Managing own self-help skills to become independent. Danger in the sun

Healthy lifestyle

Communication & Language Extending their vocabulary through new experiences. Retell events, stories and experiences in front of a small group.



PE is on Tuesdays and Thursdays. A huge thank you for all those parents who have been providing a PE kit for their child. If you have not already, please could you ensure your child has a PE kit in school, labelled with their name in all items, please. The PE kit should be a white t-shirt, black shorts and black pumps. It is easier to leave the PE kit in school and take it home at the end of each half term.

Book Bags

Reading continues to be one of our key priorities in school, and soon many children who are ready for taking a Reading book home to share and read will be doing so. Those children who still need support with their blending and phonic sounds shall be taking home keywords and CVC words to assist them with their learning. We encourage the children to read as much as possible at home and we are happy to change reading books as often as your child reads their book. In order for the book to be changed an adult needs to comment on the child’s reading the in the reading diary.

Please can we  remind parents that with the weather getting hotter, please could you provide your child with a summer hat to wear and also ensure they have Sun cream on them to avoid burning. Young children of all different types of skin colour can burn very easily therefore having Sun cream on their skins is essential.

Finally, thanks again for all your support and hard work throughout the Spring Term and we hope your hard work and commitment to helping your child and taking an active interest in their learning continues into the Summer Term. Please do not hesitate to come and see one of the team, if you have any questions or concerns.

The EYFS Team




Dear parent and carers,

On Thursday, 6 June our wonderful friend and treasured colleague Mrs Sadia Ahmed passed away.

Sadia was the life and soul of our school and she leaves behind a huge hole in the heart of Longsight Community Primary. Sadia was an amazing teacher and her children are a testament to her determination that all our children achieved their potential.

She was a wonderfully kind, open-hearted friend whose sense of humour still make us smile now even while we are all grieving. I know she welcomed all parents with open arms and that you will all miss her as much as we will. Please talk to your children about Mrs Ahmed as I know they may have questions. A book of condolence will be open this week for you to share your messages and memories.

We are heart-broken for the life not yet lived, but grateful for the life she did live. Rest in peace our beloved friend.

Mrs Rukhsana Ahmed and all the staff and friends of Longsight Community Primary.