Year 1 Newsletter

Welcome to Year 1! The Year 1 team will be myself as the main class teacher and Miss Mittoo and Miss Kilbride will be with the class every day to support with learning. We are very much looking forward to be being back at school and have missed you all very much. There will be a few changes in class this year and most of them are listed underneath. We will be having a very busy half term and filled with lots of exciting new learning.

Recovery curriculum

We have a very thorough recovery plan in place for the term, this is to ensure that any lost learning during lock down will be recovered as swiftly as possible. As the children have missed a significant amount of time in Reception, we will be following the EYFS curriculum until children have recovered any lost learning and filled gaps in knowledge. The classroom has been set up for continuous provision which will provide children many opportunities to learn through play. Adults will be working in the class to support play and identify learning as well as completing daily focused activities in the key areas.

Our classroom areas include;

·         Writing

·         Role play ‘shop’

·         Construction

·         Creative

·         Small world

·         Reading

·         Maths

PE lessons

Your child’s PE lesson will be on Monday and Friday.

On these days please ensure that your child comes to school in full PE kit, including suitable footwear (trainers or plimsolls). Your child will remain in their PE kit all day then the PE kit will need to be washed ready for their next PE day.


We are currently reviewing how we administer homework, to ensure that we are complying with covid regualtions. We are looking at moving homework online to avoid cross contamination and because Class Djo was so succesful over lockdown. For the time being, until told otherwise, please continue to read with your child daily and a homework update will be sent out in due time.

Reading books

Reading books will be used as normal and the children will be able to take home reading books and reading records as they wish. When the children have finished their book they will bring it back to class and will be asked to book their books in a quarantine box when they are returned from home. Please ensure that each book is in school to be quarantined on Friday.

Belongings from home

The children will not need to bring in anything from home aside from a named water bottle, a packed lunch box (if packed lunch) and a coat. The children should not bring in any pencil cases from home as everything will provided by school.

Drop off and pick ups

In the morning doors will be open from 8.20am and the children can make their way to their classroom as soon as they arrive. Please say goodbye to the children away from the door and allow them to make their own way indoors. If you need to speak to your child’s teacher please ring the office to book an appointment. At home time please wait for your child to be sent to you, if you then need to wait for siblings please wait against the back fence away from the doors. The finish time for children in Years 3/4/5 and 6 is 2.40pm and for Reception/Year 1 and 2 this is 2.50pm. If you are waiting to collect children, please do so in a socially distanced way away from the school doors. Staff will be on hand to support with this.

The regulations and advice from the government are constantly changing, so things may change as the term goes on. We appreciate your patience and will keep you up to date with any changes. I am very much looking forward to our first term in Year 1 together.

Many thanks,

Miss Vickers