Year 5 Empty The Classroom!

Year 5 had an incredibly productive day starting our LCP allotment. The children have started a great project in our school car park, using a range of materials which they were responsible for sourcing. The children were incredibly tired after all the digging, the weather certainly didn’t help things!

PSHE Maths Science Science
Community Measurements Plants Mini-beasts
The children have been looking at ways to support our local community and how fruit/vegetables planted can be shared with local food banks. A key part of the day was making sure things were planted in the correct places, so that they had room to grow. The children’s measurement skills were really put to test throughout! The children looked at the process of planting, learning the different parts of plants and the function of each part of the plant. They are looking forward to their work blossoming during the spring term. The children were excited to identify different creatures, using the internet and different resources to find out what their habitats and food chains are.