Year 4 Empty The Classroom!

Year 4 had a fun-filled day spent entirely outside! The day was themed around the topic, Potions and the class book, Alice in Wonderland. It was great to hear the fantastic responses that the children had to their day and the smiles on their faces really made it even more special.

Literacy Maths Science PE
Characters Measurements Changes in state Croquet
In the morning, the pupils performed scenes from Alice in Wonderland, making inferences from the book’s illustrations. The children we hard on their speaking and listening skills. The children gathered natural ingredients to make potions. The children used their Maths skills to measure the different ingredients in cm and mm. The children then experimented with different ingredients to make colouring, bubbling and fizzing reactions in our cauldrons. They described the reactions which happened when they added materials. Finally, Year 4 enjoyed pretending to be the wicked Queen of Hearts, playing croquet with flamingos! The learned the rules of the game and put them into action.